“In case you receive hangers which are faulty or misdescribed because of some fault on our end, you will need to send us a picture of the hangers in the state in which they were delivered, and subject to our request, return them to us for inspection, with the return cost being born by you initially. If we determine that the hangers are indeed faulty or misdescribed and this is attributed to our fault, you will be entitled to a substitute hanger in accordance with the specifications and design of the initial hanger(s) ordered and compensate you for any return costs incurred. We do not allow for the ordering of hangers with different designs or specifications in case of such substitutions, nor for any other monetary compensation.

If you want to cancel or amend our contract for any reason, please note that because our hangers are unique and prepared specifically for each individual client, it is very likely that we would have incurred costs prior to your request to cancel or amend the contract. As such, we do not accept such cancellations or amendments, nor do we allow for a 14-days cancellation of the contract, which consumers might be familiar with in the case of non-tailored goods. Nonetheless, you can contact us via sending an email to sportshangercy@gmail.com with any enquiry and we will respond accordingly.”